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WayFinding Designs and Signage Design Services in Croydon, London


Wayfinding is much more than just a family of signs collected together. An effective wayfinding solution is something which helps people get from A to B and back again, possibly via C and D. In some situations wayfinding can also serve the advantage of discovery in informing users.

It also should create an identity for a space, increasing accessibility and functionality of the built environment. Completed well it will enhance the environment making the users feel confident, relaxed and leave them with positive memories of their visit.

We have collaborated with award winning architectural practices, interior designers and building contractors. Together we have created wayfinding master plans that emulate the style of the building and or space including identity of the organisation.

Our delivery is based upon a strong foundation of designing accessible, coherent and consistent solutions that are flexible for the future development of the site.

To achieve this we design with the effectual use of spatial and environmental guides to navigate through an environment. The goal is to enable the user to easily and without stress find their way to their destination and back out of the site again. In our approach we look at the overall strategy of navigation encompassing all visual aspects of the site, both external and internal, as well as off site (local and regional directional signage) and pre-visit information (online maps, printed maps, appointment letters and cards).

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Healthcare (Hospital) Wayfinding

Shopping Centre & Retail Wayfinding

Towns & Cities Wayfinding

Transport Wayfinding

Education Wayfinding

Stadia Wayfinding