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email marketing

Are you engaging with your customer base? Now you will be able to get and keep customers



Are you sending out emails to customers via outlook or another email client? This not only takes a lot of time but it also means your emails are less likely to get through. As they will be marked as spam adversely effecting your domain reputation.

What we do is create bespoke email marketing campaigns giving you a strategy for the future to make sure you achive your goals.

There are a lot of email marketing solutions available today. We use MailChimp which is an email marketing tool that helps you manage your mailing lists, send bullet-proof emails, and track the results of your email campaigns.

What types of uses are there for email marketing:

  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Special offers
  • Blogs
  • Announcements
  • Tips and information
  • Tutorials

Other features include:

  • Geographic Location
  • Influence (via Klout Score User)
  • User activity (the number of times the user opened emails associated with your campaigns)

We design mailchimp templates for many organisations ensuring they are branded and setup to achieve the greatest success. If you would like to discuss your requirements please Contact us.