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Willow Lane Industrial Estate – Wayfinding

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Working with Willow Lane Business Improvement District (Willow BID) we and partners including Merton Council and TFL we have developed a unique wayfinding scheme leading the way in wayfinding systems for industrial estates in the UK.

Willow Lane is one of the largest industrial estates in South London and the South East based in Merton. The estate has developed and grown over the decades, which means navigation has been complicated confusing causing delays and traffic congestion.

We were asked by Willow BID in 2012 to undertake a wayfinding study which was completed in 2012. The purpose of undertaking such a study was to give a clear vision for completing the wayfinding project. This was with the focus of making the estate welcoming, easy to navigate as well as a place where businesses want to locate themselves and where visitors enjoy doing business.

After working with TFL we designed a solution in line with TFL design standards and wayfinding best practice. This is based on the success of pedestrian wayfinding around the Olympics, London 2012 and the Legible London scheme. With this unique approach and collaboration we have created a forward thinking, cutting edge project which will set a standard for industrial area and highway wayfinding.

The wayfinding scheme we developed was aimed at ensuring the users of the estate could find their destination quickly as well as promoting the use of public and sustainable transport. To do this the estate was split up into zones and sub estates. The estate is clearly defined at the entrance with a new 6m monolith with the new branding on. 5 zones were created with different colours and letters so they are easy to identify and locate. Around the estate we installed a series of banners on the lampposts to define the zones from the roads. Along side this x7 small monolith signs were installed on the footways with maps on either side as well as finger posts to help pedestrians around the estate.

This was completed in March 2013 in partnership with Willow BID, Merton Council and Transport for London.


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